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Established in 2011 we have been working from our center at Talchikhel with execution of numbers of screening camps across the country.

Pap Smear Test

Worldwide widely used

Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA)

Most appropriate for developing countries like Nepal


Most sensitive, needs sophisticated Laboratory

Cervical Cancer

  • Cervical cancer remains the second most common cancer among women worldwide and commonest among Nepalese women
  • Cervical cancer is one of the preventable malignancy of the female genital tract
  • Worldwide, cervical cancer is one of the leading cause of death in developing countries. It is due to lack of screening of precancerous lesion of cervix
  • Developing countries like Nepal where pre-cancer screening services is limited, its risks remain very high
  • Due to lack of knowledge and awareness of screening of cervical precancerous lesion, cervical cancer is detected in advanced stage when the disease is incurable.
  • Development of the cancer from pre-cancer state takes 10-15 years so detecting in pre-cancer state ensures a complete cure
  • So lets work together and help us to eradicate cervical cancer in Nepal.


  • Screening of general public for cervical pre-cancer in an affordable cost at our office building since 2015 February
  • Started free consultation and check up including VIA Test and Colposcopy examination
plus women have already taken this service

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