About Us


Nepal Cancer Care Foundation supports public awareness and pre-cancer screening


To reduce the burden of cancer and make the screening services accessible to all women of Nepal


Established in 2011 we have been working from our center at Talchikhel with execution of numbers of screening camps across the country.

The concept/idea of forming this non-profit organization named cancer care foundation, was envisioned by our founding member Dr. Sarita Ghimire. Her vision was to establish this organization to create a cancer free society. The foundation of this organization is laid on the concept of prevention is better than cure. During the research and investigation phase, she got an opportunity to come along with other likeminded personalities (mentioned below in the Executive Members table). The foundation of this non-profit organization was then laid by the joint effort of all the executive members of NCCF. The mission of this organization then became to provide a full package of cancer diagnosis and treatment without adding any financial burden to the patient. This organization has conducted many national conference and health camps related to awareness, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

  • We at NCCF are working towards eradication of cervical cancer with effective detection of pre-cancer state of cervix by using tools such as VIA, Colposcopy and Biopsy
  • We have been working from our center at Talchikhel with execution of numbers of screening camps across the country
  • We truly believe with proper awareness programs and screening, we will be able to eradicate cervical cancer from the country
  • Cervical cancer has often been referred as “Silent Killer”, it affects all women across the world showing no symptoms in early stages
  • We are conducting various awareness programs throughout the country including camps in rural areas of Nepal


  • Raising awareness regarding prevention of cancer in community
  • To established low cost set up for the cervical cancer screening and treatment of pre-cancerous lesion inside Kathmandu valley as well as in remote areas of the country
  • To provide assistance to the Family Health Division, National Health Training Centre Ministry of Health and Population to develop guidelines, reference manual, training modules.
  • To develop different modules of screening programs to upgrade screening services all over Nepal
  • To provide screening services for cervical pre-cancer and early stage of breast cancer, affordable to general population
  • To raise awareness about cancer for different stakeholders includes general public, policy makers, health professionals, journalist etc
  • To publish different awareness related materials as well as research activities


S.N. Donor Name Donation
1 Mr. Amar Singh Shah Rs. 2 lakhs
2 Mr. Ashish Garg Built guard room
3 Mr. Birendra Tidrewala Rs. 20,000
4 Japanese Embassy Mammography Machine
5 Nic Asia Bank Rs. 5 lakhs
6 Mr. Rajendra Aryal Computer and Printer
7 Mr. Rameshwor Thapa Rs. 25 lakhs
8 Rotary Club of Yala Colposcopy Machine
9 Suhird Ghimire Rs. 35 lakhs
10 Mr. Sushil Kumar Pant Rs. 20 lakhs

Join hands with us!

Knowing about all these things as mentioned above, if you want to contribute to the society including to and help for the screening camps at your community and donate for the screening programs of NCCF

Please contact to Nepal Cancer Care Foundation, Talchikhel

Phone no: +977 1 5525988

Email address: info@nccf.org.np